Ball Mill Energy Consumption

Ore grade level representatives of metal content material, mineral processing plant processing higher grade ore with low grade ore effect usually are not precisely the same as.Therapy of high-grade ore, is going to be much more than the treatment of low grade ore beneath the identical circumstances the ore quantity.Simultaneously, it might minimize the price for grinding and ball (ball mill) consumption.Therefore, ore grade level is affecting concentration yields a aspect.At present some ore dressing plant steadily began to take some measures to improve the ore grade, for instance within the crushing technique installation of dry magnetic pulley.

Strive to improve the grade of concentrate its significance is better. Increment of concentrate grade, can improve the price tag of concentrate, causes the enterprise to increase profit. It is important from a international point of view. The power saving impact is very huge.In order to iron ore as an instance, the concentrate grade is enhanced by 1%, then the blast furnace pig iron output improved by two.5%, coke rate decreased by 1.5%, the effect is apparent. Exactly the same nonferrous metal ore grade enhanced. The smelting operations in both output energy are also of great advantage. So to improve the concentrate grade, is actually a extremely important index of mineral processing of tailing grade level, can see the amount of enterprise management; can see the method is reasonable; we can see the ore home adjust.Efforts to reduce the grade of tailing, reducing the metal loss, and increase production have a specific relationship, specially for nonferrous metals and rare metals are much more essential.

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